Chicago-Calumet River Watershed Council

In 2020, the Chicago-Calumet River Watershed Council (Watershed Council) was launched to establish a forum to expand collaborative watershed-based stormwater management using multi-benefit nature-based solutions. The 19-member Watershed Council’s approach is to maximize multiple ecological, social, and climate resiliency objectives across jurisdictional boundaries. Our intent is to harness the power of natural systems to maximize positive improvements that satisfy multiple objectives with each investment.

Our main objectives are:

  • Protect, expand, and restore natural areas
  • Support environmental justice and community health
  • Enhance and protect biodiversity
  • Capture stormwater and improve water quality
  • Establish sustained investments in green infrastructure
  • Increase climate resiliency
  • Expand opportunities for recreation and respite

Watershed Council current collaborative pilot projects:

Learn more about the work and partners of the Watershed Council here.