Canoe and Clean with Patagonia

Tags: Volunteers, Urban Canoe Adventures, Volunteer workday, CREW opportunities, and Canoe Program

Friends and Patagonia are joining forces to offer a free chance to help make the river a clean place for wildlife and people! Please join us at Ping Tom Park on August 24th at 1pm. Space is limited so registration is required. 

Register here!

*** Please wear close toed shoes, as it makes getting in and out of the boats easier, and layers since you know how Chicago’s weather can change in just a couple hours. We also encourage you to bring a full water bottle, a hat/sunglasses, or raincoat depending on the weather. You are welcome to bring a phone or camera, but we would encourage you to help keep it safe by putting it in a ziplock or other waterproof bag. If there is just a drizzle, we will still plan on paddling. Should there be lightning or other condition that makes it unsafe for us to paddle we will let you know by email at least 2 hours ahead of the planned start time.