Envisioning and Creating a Blue-green Corridor - Summer Challenge Series

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The blue-green network term is how regional and local planning agencies throughout the globe to describe a strategy for the stewardship of water and open space together. This unique approach aims to protect the ecological, hydrological, and social health of the urban landscape and to enhance the function of the water-cycle, while also increasing the ability of waterways to address the effects of climate change through nature based solutions. Conservation planning, sensible land use decisions, and rewilding projects are all critical tools for capturing the multiple benefits that investment in natural areas provides.

Research shows these urban systems have lasting impacts on the physical health, mental wellness, and educational and economic outcomes of residents. They also improve water and air quality, reduce urban heat island effect, increase resiliency, and help to protect our increasingly threatened native wildlife. Join Friends’ Planning Director, Adam Flickinger, AICP, to learn about how our Blue-Green Corridor Vision is guiding Friends’ approach to river system planning and policy advocacy.

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