Overflow Action Month: 30 Days of Action

Based on the concept of Ozone Action Days, Overflow Action Days alert people that before, during, and after rain storms we need to reduce the amount of water that goes down our drains and the chance of combined sewer overflows like we had last night and the night before, which can be harmful to people and wildlife.

Overflow Action Month activities begin April 1 with Signing up for Overflow Action e-alerts for reminders to take action.

The month continues with a host of fun and educational activities including:

  • Sharing “How To” tips for water conservation at home – like shorter showers and flushing less,
  • That’s followed by a virtual happy hour with water friendly beverages, work days in the woods, and
  • A Keep the Chicago River Clean photobomb with members and friends on the Chicago Riverwalk on Wednesday, April 26. We are hoping to get at least 500 people to represent the thousands who care about the Chicago River.
  • And then there’s a Buy a Nose Plug day, in case your family that's showering less starts to get a little stinky.

Check out our 30-day calendar of Overflow Action events here.

For more information on what to do or to join as a partner, contact Joanne So Young Dill, director of strategic initiatives, at (312) 939-0490, ext. 23.