Bad News From DC on Environment: How To Register Your Objections

The Trump Administration has announced plans that would undermine the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The act requires government agencies to consider and publish environmental impacts before approving major energy and infrastructure projects and allow the public an opportunity to weigh in. 

The respected E&E News described the changes as "a potentially seismic shift in the permitting process across the federal government." The New York Times reported that this latest effort is one of nearly 100 environmental protection rollbacks proposed during the Trump administration. 

Destroying NEPA means oil pipelines and big road projects could sail through without any thought to the consequences including the ever increasing impacts of climate change. The proposed changes will certainly be challenged in court. The process requires an opportunity for public input.

Register your objections on the proposed changes here. Click on the "submit a formal comment button." The agency is the Council on Environmental Quality; the docket number is CEQ-2019-0003