Commissioner Davis and MWRD Honor Margaret Frisbie

In introducing the resolution, Commissioner Cam Davis praised Frisbie for her two decades of leadership and noted the resolution is especially significant following the first meeting of the Chicago River Watershed Council earlier this week - a top priority of Friends.

 "As we all know, working to help improve society, strengthen society, in all its complex assets and aspects really takes a lot of persistence and leadership and Margaret has demonstrated that by the fact that she's gotten to 20 years with Friends of the Chicago River, which I know we all agree is a fantastic force for this amazing asset that we have, the Chicago River system," said Commissioner Davis.

"All of us, together, have been working for many decades to improve and protect the Chicago River system for people, plants and animals," said Frisbie. "When we go out now, especially as we suffer through this pandemic, we realize what our natural resources mean to everybody and how valuable they are to every community. I'm proud of the legacy of Friends of the Chicago River. I'm proud of the partnerships we've had with the Water Reclamation District and all the change we have made together so that we can turn this river system into a haven for people and a haven for wildlife. It is an honor to do this work."

 The aim of the watershed council is to develop strategies for expanding nature-based green infrastructure across the watershed to manage stormwater and to protect, expand, and restore natural areas and access to open space.

 Please celebrate with Friends by showing your appreciation to Margaret with a gift. Your gift will automatically make you a member of Friends and will be matched 3:1 by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation if you are a new donor or making a second gift to Friends within the last 12 months.

 Notable advancements led by Frisbie include the Litter Free Chicago River initiative, opening the McCormick Bridgehouse and Chicago River Museum, the launch of Overflow Action Days and the annual Big Fish Ball. Hundreds of acres of natural, open space have been restored to improve wildlife habitat and stormwater infiltration under Frisbie's leadership. Her work has brought about major advancements in water quality, sewage treatments and river-based master plans that dramatically improve the health of the river system. All this is reflected in the 30 distinguished awards that Friends has received during her tenure.