New Map Shows What’s Up with River-Edge Developments

Friends of the Chicago River has launched a new online resource map for our partners and the public to see the many pending, under review, and under construction development projects happening throughout the watershed, enabling people to gain a comprehensive understanding of current river-edge projects.

Online Resource Map 

This in-depth resource compliments our continuous work with private and public property owners to ensure that each new development maximizes the use of innovative site design strategies to realize our blue-green corridor vision; enhancing the connectivity and health of the Chicago River system and ensuring welcoming public access. 

"Each development along the river system presents an opportunity to drive investments to restoration, revitalization, and improvement of the river corridor,” said Adam Flickinger, planning director at Friends of the Chicago River. “We have adapted our internal database used to track river-edge development into a new public-facing web map which illustrates the high demand and value of river-edge sites for many different types of developments.”

The resource map helps us advocate for river-edge developments to incorporate:

  • Habitat creation, protection, and enhancement
  • Nature-based solutions for stormwater capture and infiltration
  • Avoidance of potentially river-harming or polluting uses
  • Public access to the river’s edge and the waterway for recreation
  • Continuously connected river-edge trail system

 More information about Friends’ advocacy for appropriate river-edge developments can be found here.