We Exceeded our Giving Tuesday Goal!

Thank you so very much to all of our amazing donors that helped us to achieve a total of $25,186 fundraised on Giving Tuesday, November 28. Board President Sally Fletcher generously provided a match opportunity of $10,000 and generous supporters of Friends of the Chicago River surpassed the match. Over one-third of donors were brand new to Friends, and we enthusiastically welcome you to the fold.

Every dollar counts, and we want to specifically highlight and thank those that contributed to this extraordinary Giving Tuesday.  

Our Generous Giving Tuesday Donors

Sally Fletcher, Judith Bassoul, Daniel and Pamela Loewenstein, Ellen McLaughlin, Craig and Kate Coit, Tim and Sally Mauery, Randall and Lynn Clark, Margaret Frisbie and Matt Binns, Thomas and Rita Hefty, Harry and Meredith Lamberton, Bradley Poole, John and Jeanne Flickinger, Ann Chen, Ken Gong, Steve Majerus, Cathleen Marine, Martina Reese, Caleb Stephenson, Rebecca Taft, Michelle Woods, Ari Berliner, Janet Elson, Daniel and Mary Hanrahan, John Harlan, Diane Hund, April Janssen-Mahajan, Marilyn W. John, Ann MacLeod, Joe Mullen, Ira Pilchen and Kathryn McCabe, Renee Vuillaume, Mark Warner, Lauren Labriola, Anonymous, Maria Dambriunas, Constance Dunn, Nicholas Knuth, Lynn Neils, James O'Connor, Dan Tamarkin, Joseph Tully, Mary Beth Sova, Anonymous, Michael Andrews, Charles Frisbie, Andrew Hertzberg, Nancy Hollander, Julie Kanak, Scott Kelly, Justin Luety, Tim Lyons, Peter Monko, Sharyne Moy Tu, Chris and Nan Parson, Kathleen Prampin, Andrea Price, Christina Puzzo, William and Jayne Walsh, Connor Kitko, Kadeja Tyler, Jonathan Villegas, Noelle Snow, and Timothy Sloan.

We so gratefully accept your generosity, and promise to continue our action and advocacy to improve and protect the Chicago-Calumet river system for people, plants, and animals. Thank you for enabling to us to do the good work.

There’s still time to donate and ways to help support Friends of the Chicago River. We thank you so very much for your consideration.