Field Trip Sites

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There are a variety of sites for field trips ranging from city parks to county forest preserves, as shown on the map to the right. Field trip sites can be found as far north as Lake Forest and as far south as Thornton.

Below is a list of sites arranged from north to south along the Chicago-Calumet River system. The site numbers correspond to those on the map. Each link will display information about the site. For answers regarding directions, access to water, amenities, parking and capacity, feel free to contact us. Ask about recommendations on other sites not listed here.

Download a list of field trip sites with the site names listed below.

Site Descriptions

Lake County

  1. Middlefork Savanna (N. of Route 60)
  2. North Park (S. of Everett Rd.)
  3. Prairie Wolf Slough (S. of Half Day Rd.)

Northern Cook County

  1. Chipilly Woods (S. of Dundee Rd.)
  2. Techny Basin (S. of Willow Rd.)
  3. Skokie Lagoons – Tower Rd. (Tower Rd.)
  4. Skokie Lagoons – Willow Rd. (Willow Rd.)
  5. Glenview Woods (N. of Old Orchard Rd.)
  6. Harms Woods (Old Orchard Rd.)
  7. Linne Woods (N. of Dempster St.)
  8. Miami Woods (S. of Dempster St.)
  9. St. Paul Woods (N. of Oakton St.)

North Side of Chicago

  1. Bunker Hill (S. of Touhy Ave.)
  2. Matthew Bieszczat Volunteer Resource Center (S. of Devon Ave.)
  3. Lechowicz Woods (N. of Elston Ave.)
  4. LaBagh Woods (N. of Foster Ave.)
  5. Irene Hernandez Family Picnic Area (N. of Foster Ave.)
  6. Gompers Park Lagoons (S. of Foster Ave.)
  7. Legion Park (N. of Bryn Mawr Ave.)
  8. West River Park (S. of Foster Ave.)
  9. Ronan Park (N. of Lawrence Ave.)
  10. Clark Park (S. of Addison St.)
  11. Goose Island – The Wild Mile (Division St.)

Downtown and South Side of Chicago

  1. McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum (Wacker Drive)
  2. Ping Tom Memorial Park (S. of 18th St.)
  3. Canal Origins Park (S. of 25th St.)

Southern and Western Cook County

  1. Camp Sagawau (N. of Route 83)
  2. Saganashkee Slough (S. of 107th St.)
  3. McClaughrey Springs Woods (N. of 119th St.)
  4. Elizabeth Conkey Woods (N. of 135th St.)
  5. Kickapoo Woods (S. of 144th St.)
  6. Big Marsh Park (E. of Stony Is. Ave.)
  7. Beaubien Woods (S. of 130th St.)
  8. Wampum Lake (S. of I-80)
  9. Brownell Woods (S. of Margaret St.)

Field Trip Forms

To book a field trip with Friends of the Chicago River, read the information on field trip logistics. You will need to fill out a Field Trip Needs Form and return it to our education staff.

If your group plans on visiting a sites within the Forest Preserves of Cook County (listed as sites 4, 5-17, 27-31, and 33-35), please submit a Forest Preserves Education Permit Request Form as well. Sites 23, 24, 27 and 32 require special permission.