Professional Resource Council (PRC)

The PRC is a talented group of river advocates who assist Friends of the Chicago River in realizing our mission and vision. PRC members provide valuable expert technical assistance to Friends’ programs, policy initiatives, and projects.


The PRC provides a unique way for professionals to be involved in the work of Friends. By joining the council, you will be called upon for unique volunteer technical assistance tasks, as needed, to support Friends' work. You will also have the opportunity to network with a group of like-minded professionals with a shared interest in the Chicago River system and related environmental advocacy work. 

PRC member organizations or individuals will be recognized as resource partners of Friends of the Chicago River and listed in Friends annual report and other materials. 

A fun and engaging annual ideas gathering workshop event will be held to give PRC members the opportunity to provide ideas and concepts for the future of the Chicago River system. 

What types of professional assistance is needed?

Friends manages over 20 unique program areas that, at certain stages, require expert guidance and support. When you become a member of the PRC, Friends will ask you what types of volunteer assistance you are interested in providing, and then match you with tasks that relate to your particular knowledge and expertise. The following broad categories have been identified:

Professional Category

Possible Services / Involvement Categories

Scientists / Ecologists / Biologists / Environmental Chemists

Help review project scopes and outcomes, provide input into specific policy or planning work, participate in charrettes. Advise water quality, vegetation restoration, wildlife, or other technical initiatives.

Engineering / Infrastructure / Planners / Architects / Landscape Architects

Help review on-the-ground project scoping and provide preliminary feasibility advisory services. Strategize and support planning and policy projects, etc.

Graphic Design / Marketing / Public Engagement

Advise / assist with graphic materials, signage, outreach strategies, outreach technologies, etc.


Review legal documents, provide guidance on legal issues, such as zoning, permitting, etc.

Real Estate

Support real estate related planning and policy projects.

What are the requirements for joining the PRC?

To be accepted into the PRC, you must be an ongoing member at the Black-Crowned Night Heron Level ($156 total/$13 per monthly option/$1 for each mile of the river) or above, and agree to support Friends in a volunteer professional capacity as well as participate in Friends other events and activities as you are able. 

PRC members must agree to support the mission of Friends and be a brand ambassador for our organization.

How do I sign up?

An online statement of interest and PRC application form can be filled out here.