Inside, Out, & About Podcast

Episode 1: Chicago Portage National Historic Site

In this episode Friends of the Chicago River's Executive Director Margaret Frisbie explores the history and natural history of the Chicago Portage National Historic Site which was a critical transit point between the Mississippi and the Great Lakes. Joining Frisbie are Gary Mechanic, founder of Friends of the Chicago Portage; Ben Goldfarb, author of "Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter;" and Mayor Sergio Rodriguez of Summit, Ill.

Episode 2: Kickapoo Woods

Kickapoo Woods

Join Friends of the Chicago River’s Executive Director Margaret Frisbie on a journey to the Kickapoo Woods Forest Preserve on the banks of the Little Calumet River in the Chicago suburb of Riverdale. Get to know Bridgehouse Museum Director Josh Coles and volunteer site steward and former Chicago Public School teacher June Webb as they explore the site, its value and wildlife, and the volunteers who work there. Then meet Liza Lehrer, the assistant director of Lincoln Park Zoo's Urban Wildlife Institute who will introduce you to the mystery and magic of woodchucks—known as groundhogs to some. Visit Inside, Out & About afterward to find out more about how and when to visit Kickapoo and discover how you and your family can learn more. Programming is in English and Spanish.